40G QSFP LR4 products release

Time: 2012/9/4 20:41:29

2012.9 XGIGA Technology Corporation, a leading supplier for optical transceivers in China, today announced the production release of 40G QSFP LR4 transceivers.with 4 CWDM lanes Mux/Demux .Each lanes with 10.3Gbps data rate, up to 10km SMF transmission and digital diagnostics monitoring interface.

As bandwidth demand continues to escalate, the communication industry needs to upgrade its networks from 10G to 40G and 100G .40G QSFP+ are considered to one of the most advanced package in next generation of 40G network after 10G SFP+ largely application . QSFP+ bandwidth is improved by 4 times, but in power, volume and cost etc, have an obvious advantage. The most Cost performance improved due to XGIGA is made with the most advanced optoelectronic parts and IC in the industry, combining the experiences of many years high speed optical transceiver development and a unique but low cost optical platform which delivers the highest optical coupling efficiency in the industry. With this platform technology, customers will enjoy the full benefit of 40G QSFP+ technologies.