XGIGA COMMUNICATION TECH CO.,LTD----------Based on innovation,leading optical communication value competition

Time: 2012/8/28 11:24:06

        "In this brutal competition telecom market ,we expect to lead a value competition rather than price competition"said by Mr Wu Shuai, general manager of XGIGA COMMUNICATION TECH CO.,LTD (hereinafter referred to Xgiga) in CIOE (China International Optoelectronic Expo) while he accepted exclusive interview of C114.

         Fiber's prosperity and copper's retreat inspired enterprise's ambitious while also inevitably bring more competition .In Xgiga's view, the healthy competition in the current market trend should be adopted by the various manufacturers' design innovation, solution innovation to reduce customers' network construction cost.At the same time, by providing high quality products lower customers' maintenance costs. 

          Established in 2004, technology-based enterprise,Xgiga once fought in the overseas market and re-focus on domestic in 2009. Till today, the overseas and domestic income accounts for a 50-50 trend. and income increases of 80% in the first half  year performance.

          XGiga's high growth secret-------- focus on quality, emphasis on management

          In a short span of two years,Xgiga stressfully climb to the domestic market and  being among the ranks of main optical modules supplier. The strategy of focusing on quality, emphasising on management play an important role.

          Low-end optical module products in the domestic market has become saturated because of homogeneous competition and vendors' focus on cost control. But for high-end optical module products, there are still many gaps in the market, chips and other key components is also heavily dependent on imports,which creates an opportunity to the enterprise that are good at innovative technology . In last two years, the Xgiga's growth rate is as high as 80% -100%.

          "We are aiming at providing value and creating new value to customers. we have rigorous internal quality control standard which is usually improved a level based on customer specifications"According to reports,In CIOE,Xgiga highlight SFP 80KM CWDM / DWDM SFP / XFP BIDI 40KM. Former is taking a patented design with a very low power consumption(less than 1W at room temperature.Latter is the newest products according to customers' demand to reduce the cost.

            Manager Wu said"Xgiga will focus on active optical modules and further improve product line and emphasis on 10G EPON / GPON (OLT, ONU) research and development"

            In addition to technical strength and delivery ability won the wide recognition in the domestic market,Xgiga's management is also a big advantage. The company establish a perfect integrated product development processes, ranging from the project's assessment, development, small batch production and batch production, and in the end t to form document files.According to customer different request, the company also will will convert customers' demand to specific specifications, operating instructions, and even the shipment inspection norms by the process management.

           Leading value competition-do what one should do

           Market sustainable, benign development, cannot leave the downstream industry chain mutual support. However, the weird phenomenon that some companies with low even bare price makes industrial chain unbalanced,which not only harm products quality,but also enterprise's ambitious and innovation.

           Manager Wu said"manufacturers keep the rational mind is most critical.Xgiga shall always stick to the principle- Do what we do,refuse what we not to do.

           For example, in our familiar overseas market, we have given up a lot of EPON ONU order,which is big quantity but low price "He said"if Xgiga is busy to these orders without profit, then the company shall has no difference with a "zombie".So we give up those orders, focusing on profitable products,  devoting to the new products' research and development ,strengthening internal quality control.We are sure we will win the future of optical communication.

           In view of Xgiga.with the development of the construction on all-optical networks and FTTH,optical module shipments will continue to rise, while price on high-end products will have a greater decline.Xgiga has got a breakthrough in the field of high-end devices, and committed to the chip-level applications, such as photonic on-chip integration.

           "Because of technical threshold requirement for the next generation of PON (10 g EPON and GPON),there will be less optical device manufacturers can gain a foothold in the future.The good news is that after these years development, each manufacturers won't be so radical as EPON/GPON age. I believe price will be controlled at a reasonable level in order to strike a balance in prices,business growth and quality" Manager Wu said.