Keeping innovation and waiting 25G/100G tranceiver growing


With the rapid development of cloud computing and big data, the data center market is still growing rapidly. Data center optical module manufacturers have garnered massive market attention in this trend. As early as in 2014, Xgiga has been preparing for data center products, and in 2015 launched a 100G QSFP28 PSM4/CWDM4 products, and achieved mass production. Xgiga has received a lot of orders and accumulated customer numbers in the storage, enterprise network market. Meanwhile, the change in IDC network traffic has put forward new demand for the construction of Telecom network architecture. IDC data center, as an important infrastructure, is bound to usher in the high-speed expansion period. With complicated and refined manufacturing process, relying on its excellent optical design and process design capabilities, Xgiga has launched full range of 100G products including QSFP28 SR4/LR4/ER4/CWDM4/PSM4/AOC, and 100G CFP2 LR4/ER4 providing the best network connectivity solution for the data center market and cloud optical network construction.


Recognizing the bottleneck of the business, Xgiga refocus on a strategy of servicing top tier customers, and in 2016 established cooperation with international network equipment makers, and has been obtaining bulk orders. With a large number of new equipment for high-speed chip packaging in our new manufacturing plant, coupled with high-speed devices and modules design, packaging, we will develop low-power, high reliability, low-cost 25G/100G industry-level modules, which play important role in 5G research and development and construction.


For the next step, the bigger opportunity is 5G. In the long distance laser/module packaging innovation, Xgiga has always been an absolute leader. As early as 2013, we made breakthrough in 10G EML Laser packaging, and won recognition and orders from top tier customers, continued to date. For 5G Carrying Network, Xgiga has launched a 25G SFP28 SR/LR/AOC, 100G QSFP28 LR4/ER4 CFP2/CFP4 LR4.

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